Week zero – The new beginning

Week Zero – The New Beginning: Stronghold Book 3, races towards more than one dramatic confrontation. And as the world falls apart around them, a small group in rural Montana strive to carve out a future.

MIAMI CATERER LORI DOVNER, on the run from Raoul Saldata, is stranded in a Montana rest area. Who will reach her first? Saldata or Navy Seal Deacon Hale? And once there, how will the confrontation play out? Because Saldata has changed his mind. He doesn’t want to kill Lori, he wants to keep her. For himself. And that future would be horrific beyond words.

NAVY SEAL DEACON HALE reaches Lori only to have the rescue fall apart. With injured friends and strangers, he can only hold on and pray. Then fate intervenes in the oddest possible way.

Old secrets and new revelations. Terrible enemies and lovers who were friends but now keep awful secrets, “Week Zero – The New Beginning: Stronghold Book 3” continues in the new world that Lori and Deacon and those they love must now navigate, alone and with no modern help.

Who will survive in a post-apocalyptic world where nothing makes sense anymore?